Smart Polymer Welding Systems

Download project ID3AS – Smart Polymer Welding Systems (pdf)

NHL Stenden is coordinating this project.

What is the goal of this project?

NHL-Stenden is equipped with a number of industrial robots. It is the Centre’s goal to develop and implement several ‘smart polymer welding applications’
on the KUKA KR16. The system could weld a simple linear line but also complex geometries. Welding material will be supplied in filament or
granulat. Temperature data must be integrated in a feedback loop to adjust the kinematics of the robot manipulator.

The development of these systems helps the Centre to connect to the Industry’s agenda.

Preliminary results

A system breakdown and systematic parameter study of the Hot Air Welding Proces has been completed.
Software interfacing of SprutCAM and Kuka CamRob has been completed which is the first step towards automation of the process.

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NHL Stenden