Smart Marine Aquaponics team succesful in growing sugar kelp!

Short introduction Smart Marine Aquaponics

The Smart Marine Aquaponics project focusses on the development of a sensor-based system for Marine Aquaponics that could revolutionize sustainable food production.

Goal of the pilot phase of the project

The aim of this pilot was to test an augmented system that enables accelerated plant growth. Tests were carried out in collaboration with the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (HUAS) and the Alfred Wegner Institute (AWI).

  • AWI focussed upon gaining deeper scientific insights in the technology and its potential
  • In addition, the HUAS linked students to the project to develop innovative measuring systems and to undertake a market analysis.

Developing aquaponics installation to grow Sugar kelp

In its pilot phase, the company Synr3 aimed to develop a saltwater aquaponics installation to grow Sugar kelp in Groningen. Sugar kelp is high in protein and could be a good alternative food and feed source. In addition to this, Sugar kelp is difficult to grow in tanks making it a useful plant to test the potential of an aquaponics system.

Read more about the outcome first phase and the goal for phase 2 on:

Outcome first phase of the project

This first phase of the project has now ended, with the most significant outcome being that the Sugar kelp has successfully grown in both test setups.

  1. Students from the HUAS have developed a measuring and weighing system
  2. In addition, a HUAS student has done a market analysis for the aquaponics market in Europe.
  3. AWI has provided scientific research for the technical concept and has concluded that the technology could have a large impact on aquaponics.

Together, all these outcomes have shown that the further development of this system could have an important impact on sustainable food production.

Goal of Phase 2 of the project

The goal of this phase will be to create an augmented, regulated aquaponics system with applications in both general aquaponics systems and aquaculture/hydroponics.

Focussing on technical prototype and automation

With the first phase behind them, the Smart Marine Aquaponics Team is going to focus on the development of the technical prototype and automation. With Synr3 and the HUAS working together on improving the aquaponics system with the focus on monitoring and automating the system. AWI is focussing on further researching the most efficient/effective application of this system.

Team Smart Marine Aquaponics