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Rotor blades form an elementary component of a wind energy plant. They define decisively their performance and have a significant impact on the total plant costs.

The aim of the AIrOPT -project are aerodynamic investigations and optimization of pultruded rotor blades for small wind turbines incorporating a new industrial production process, namely the pultrusion technology. Within the development process, requirements from the production as well as from the aerodynamic research & development site will be included into the design of a new rotor blade concept.

Two versions will be tested in the field using comprehensive sensor technologies in order to analyze the performance of the rotor blade itself and their effects on the small wind turbine as a whole.

Project Goal

Blades in small wind turbines contribute a large part of the costs. The blades in the TWE wind turbine will be pultruded to save production cost . Pultrusion is widely used in other industries but experience in the field of wind energy is not yet available. Due to the nature of the process limitations in the blade geometry are present such as: no twist, constant chord length, and a non-varying profile geometry.

Project partners are:

Hochschule Emden-Leer

Tandem Wind Energy GmbH